Four Signs Your Brakes Need Replacing

You’ve seen the action scenes on TV and in the movies. A criminal cuts the brake lines and a car speeds perilously out of control. You can’t imagine that ever happening to you and we certainly hope it never does. Nonetheless, your brakes are a crucial safety system and they should be inspected and maintained regularly. Do you think your brakes might need to be replaced? Well, maybe just the pads and CAR FIX Crossville can do that for you. Here are four signs your brakes need some TLC.

1. Noise

Squealing, squeaking and grinding noises are sure indicators that your brake system is ready for new brake pads, especially grinding. Yes, your brakes will squeal or squeak a little when they’re wet, but if they are doing so constantly, you should have them inspected. A grinding sound means you’ve got metal against metal. The brakes pads have worn down and the discs and calipers are grating against each other. This can cause expensive damage as well as make it difficult to stop your vehicle.

2. Rubbery Brake Pedal

You’ve gotten used to the resistance your brake pedal offers you each time you tap it and if you notice that resistance has lessened, you might have air in your brake lines or an issue with the master cylinder. A rubbery, soft or squishy sensation when you tap on the brake pedal is definitely a sign your brakes are getting close to replacement ready. Don’t put this repair off. The less resistance you receive from your brake pedal the greater chances your brakes might fail.

3. Vibration

If you feel a vibration in your brake pedal or steering wheel when you tap on the brakes, this, too, is a sign of trouble. Your car should brake smoothly, and applying the brakes should not cause it to shake or pull to one side. Sometimes, if one pad, shoe or caliper is wearing down quicker than the others, the car will veer to that side when you apply pressure on the brake pedal. Smooth stopping indicates a healthy brake system. Anything else should be cause for concern.

4. ABS Warning Light

Finally, if your ABS or Brake warning light illuminates on the dashboard and stays on, bring your vehicle into a mechanic for a brake inspection right away. These lights turn on when the automobile’s computer detects a problem with the brake system, so you should never ignore them. A brake system warning light could signal serious trouble and it could be dangerous for you to continue to operate your vehicle. You don’t want to be that person on TV or in the movies with the out-of-control car.

CAR FIX Crossville fixes everything, including brakes! We are located in Crossville, TN, so feel free to call us today to schedule a brake inspection.


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