Fleet Services

fleet services

When the business you run relies on the vehicles you own, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. The sudden breakdown of even one of your fleet vehicles could put your day, and possibly your business, into a tailspin, eating into your profit margins, angering your customers and leaving you to answer for the disruption.

Whether you own a taxi company giving rides to local residents or a delivery service bringing goods to consumers and other businesses, you rely on your fleet vehicles every single day. From delivering packages to providing convenience for your customers, the fleet vehicles you own all have an important job to do. That means that where you get your fleet vehicles serviced matters, and you can rely on the automotive experts at CAR FIX Crossville to give your fleet vehicles the care they need, so they can stay on the road and you can stay in business.

Preventative Maintenance for Fleet Vehicles

Preventative maintenance like regular oil changes, fluid checks, and transmission flushes are important for passenger vehicles, but these services are even more essential for the owners of vehicular fleets. Not only do you need to change the oil at the recommended intervals – but you also need to schedule those oil changes to avoid disruption to your business.

When you let CAR FIX Crossville take care of your fleet, you can rely on us – just as you rely on your vehicles. We understand the challenges of a fleet-reliant business, and we will do what it takes to keep your vehicles on the road. We can develop a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule to keep your fleet on the road, so you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and your customers can avoid the resultant disruptions.

Quality Inspections

It is important to have every vehicle in your fleet carefully inspected, both for safety and for the operation of your business. That inspection process can get pretty complicated when you have dozens of vehicles in your fleet, but once again CAR FIX Crossville is here to help.

We specialize in quality inspections, and we can design a schedule that works for you and your business. Whether your business owns a handful of delivery vans or dozens of trucks, we can keep you on schedule and keep your employees safe on the road.

You depend on your vehicle fleet to run your business, and you can rely on the experts at CAR FIX Crossville to protect those vehicles and keep them safe. Just contact us for all your fleet vehicle needs – it will give you one less thing to worry about.


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