Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair crossville tn

It is easy to take your transmission for granted until it isn’t working properly. When your vehicle is shifting smoothly and everything is working as it should be, it is easy to take your transmission for granted. But when your gears are grinding and your vehicle refuses to shift, you will know how important your transmission really is. If you are having transmission issues give CAR FIX Crossville a call, we offer the transmission repair Crossville drivers recommend most.

Transmission Maintenance for a Smoother Ride

Whether the vehicle in your driveway has a standard transmission or an automatic one, if you want it to last you need to maintain it properly. Many drivers do not know that they should change their transmission fluid on a regular basis, or that their transmission needs regular service to stay running smoothly.

Over time, the fluid inside the transmission can begin to break down, interfering with its ability to lubricate the system and filter out impurities. Having your transmission flushed and filled with new fluid can maintain the proper operation of the vehicle and help you avoid a big repair bill down the line.

Transmission Repair Crossville TN

Here are some common symptoms of a malfunctioning transmission, courtesy of CAR FIX Crossville. If you’ve experienced any of these issues with your vehicle, bring it in for a diagnosis. Our transmission service and repair center is in Crossville, TN.

  • Unusual Sounds – This could be anything from a whirring, clicking, clanking, squealing, or grinding.
  • Engine Light – If your check engine light comes on.
  • Odd Odors—Strange smells around the hood or underbody of the vehicle, especially burnt smells.
  • Slipping—If you’re trying to accelerate your vehicle and it’s going slower than it should, but the engine is racing.
  • Stalling—Your vehicle stalls as you press the gas pedal.
  • Trouble Shifting—If your vehicle is shifting unexpectedly or if you notice it shifting early or late.
  • Leaks—Fluid stains under or around your vehicle.
  • Sticky Shift Handle—Noticeable difficulty moving the shift handle, in any position.
  • Difficulty in Reverse—You shift into reverse but your car doesn’t budge.
  • Debris or Metal—An autobody technician would find this during a transmission service
  • Shift Indicator Doesn’t Work—If you start your car and the shift indicator is not on (P) or (N) then it’s not working properly.
  • Vehicle Doesn’t Move—While the car is in drive it doesn’t move, even if the engine is racing.
  • No Power—There is no power when you press the gas pedal.
  • Trouble in the Morning—When you first start the vehicle, it has difficulty moving or shifting.
  • Movement While in Park or Neutral—If your vehicle moves or jerks when in park or neutral.
  • Downshifting Doesn’t Work—If you’re in icy conditions going downhill, you can use the transmission to slow the car down. If this is not working, you may have trouble.

Transmission Repair Near Me

If you are experiencing transmission issues, call CAR FIX Crossville for the best transmission repair Crossville can provide.


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