Towing Services

Towing Services

If you are looking for towing Crossville drivers can rely on, call CAR FIX Crossville now.  We are proud to offer vehicle towing in addition to our unbeatable auto repair services. Our team of specialists never wants you to even attempt to drive a vehicle if your safety is compromised or if driving could cause further damage.

It is something just about every driver has experienced, that sinking feeling when you realize your vehicle is not running the way it should. Maybe you see the check engine light wink on and start blinking. Perhaps you see steam emerging from the hood. Maybe you feel a shimmy and shake as you stop, or feel your brake pedal sink to the floor.

Whatever the situation, you know that your vehicle is no longer safe to drive, and you need to figure out what to do. When you trust your vehicle to CAR FIX Crossville, you can rest easy – knowing that one of our tow rigs will soon be on the way.

Towing for Safety’s Sake

When breakdowns happen, some drivers try to make it to the repair shop on their own, but that is generally a bad idea. If your vehicle is not running the way it should, you could find yourself broken down in the middle of the travel lane, and that sudden breakdown could easily cause an accident.

If you try to drive with your check engine light on or with low oil pressure, you could do serious damage to your engine – damage that could have been avoided had you had your vehicle towed to the shop instead. And driving with faulty brakes is just asking for trouble, and definitely not worth the risk.

Vehicle Towing Crossville, TN

At CAR FIX Crossville, we know that sometimes it is not safe, or even possible, to bring your vehicle to us. That is why we will come to you, rescuing you from the side of the road and bringing your vehicle to our shop for service.

We provide quality towing services for all kinds of vehicles, so just give us a call if you find yourself broken down by the side of the road. Our towing experts will assess the situation, hook up your vehicle to one of our quality tow rigs, and bring you quickly and safely into our shop.

Conscientious Service for Your Vehicle

Once your vehicle arrives, the expert technicians at CAR FIX Crossville will evaluate the situation, determine what is wrong, and give you detailed information about the services you need. Once those service needs are established, we will go to work right away, fixing your vehicle so you can get back on the road quickly and safely.

If your vehicle is not running right, you do not have to risk the drive to the shop. Just pull over to the side of the road, find a safe place to park, and give CAR FIX Crossville a call. We will come to you, tow your vehicle to our shop and perform the expert repairs you need to get back on the road. If you are looking for towing Crossville drivers can trust, call us now.


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